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Neutron Microradiography of a Cadmium–Tin Alloy
X-RAY microradiography investigation of the internal structure of various alloys is a complementary tool to standard metallography. However, for alloys containing two or more elements with similarExpand
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Surface Tension of Solid Tin
The surface tension of solid tin was determined as a function of temperature over a small temperature range near the melting point. The results are considered from the standpoint of the presentExpand
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Thermal dilation of copper
Abstract The prediction that certain cubic metals may not be precisely cubic throughout a range of temperature below their melting points led to the present investigation. Pure copper was chosen asExpand
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The use of lignin in potato fertilizer.
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The Cold Rolled Texture of Titanium
The cold rolled textures of iodide titanium and of three samples of commercial titanium were examined using the Schulz-Decker Geiger counter technique. The iodide titanium and two of the threeExpand
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Cubic titanium pseudomorphs
Ti tan ium crystals which grew a t t he ca thode f rom a mol ten salt bath (containing lower t i t an ium chlorides and sodium chloride) above the temperature of t ransformat ion (882,5 °C) wereExpand