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Electronically Tunable Current-Mode SIMO/MISO Universal Biquad Filter using MO- Cccctas
This paper presents an electronically tunable current-mode SIMO/MISO universal biquad filter using multi- output current controlled current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (MO-CCCCTAs). TheExpand
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Total ten villages were identified and from each village 20 farmers were considered for study. As regards to milk production, it was observed that the age and education of dairy farmers found noExpand
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Nanocomposite of Prussian blue based sensor for l-cysteine: Synergetic effect of nanostructured gold and palladium on electrocatalysis
Abstract An electrochemical sensor for l -cysteine (Cys) based on nanocomposite of Prussian blue (PB) was developed. The nanocomposite of PB was made using: (1) 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilaneExpand
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Jodhpur Sandstone: A Gift of Ancient Beaches to Western Rajasthan
The middle horizon of the latest Proterozoic Jodhpur sandstone is extensively quarried, yielding best quality of building stone as well as much needed valuable geological information. This sandstoneExpand
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Single Ccccta-Based Miso Voltage-Mode Universal Biquad Filter
This paper presents a single current controlled current conveyor trans-conductance amplifier (CCCCTA)based multi-input single output (MISO) voltage-mode universal biquad filter. The proposed filterExpand
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Characterization of 6T SRAM Cell DRV for ULP Applications
This paper examines the characteristics of 6T SRAM Cell Data Retention Voltage (DRV). It also presents different DRV minimization techniques for ULP applications. The 6T SRAM cell is designed inExpand
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Controlled morphology of conducting polymers: Formation of nanorods and microspheres of polyindole
One-dimensional nanotubes and nanowires have attracted attention because of their unique electronic and mechanical properties, resulting in the promising applications in electrical, electronic andExpand
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Phosphate-bearing stromatolites of the Precambrian Aravalli phosphorite deposits of the Udaipur region, their environmental significance and genesis of phosphorite
Abstract Phosphorite deposits of the Aravalli Group of Udaipur region, India, are characterized by an extensive and prolific growth of stromatolites. Phosphate forms an integral part of theseExpand
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Electronically Tunable Current / Voltage-Mode Universal Biquad Filter using CCCCTA
This paper presents an electronically tunable current/voltage mode universal biquad filter using current controlled current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (CCCCTAs). The proposed filter employsExpand
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Mapping the Extent of Agroforestry Area in Different Altitudes of Tehri District, North Western Himalaya, India Through GIS and Remote Sensing Data
Assessment of area under agroforestry in Tehri district of North Western Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India has been done using GIS and remote sensing technology. The study district characterized by hillyExpand
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