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Phylogeny of the Mycetophiliformia, with proposal of the subfamilies Heterotrichinae, Ohakuneinae, and Chiletrichinae for the Rangomaramidae (Diptera, Bibionomorpha)
A phylogenetic analysis of the Mycetophiliformia (= Sciaroidea) was performed to determine the relationships among its families and to place the following genera of uncertain position in the system:Expand
Abstract A nematocerous fly family known previously only from one species and specimen from the Upper Jurassic of Karatau, Kazakhstan, Archizelmiridae is expanded here to include additional recordsExpand
Comprehensive inventory of true flies (Diptera) at a tropical site
The intensive inventory of a four-hectare tropical cloud forest in Costa Rica for one year yielded 4332 species of Diptera, providing the first verifiable basis for diversity of a major group of insects at a single site in the tropics. Expand
New morphological characters for classifying Phoridae (Diptera) from the structure of the thorax
Analysis of characters of the thoracic pleuron provides a basis for a strongly supported new classification of the Phoridae, in which Sciadocerinae is the sister group of Chonocephalus and Cyphocephalus. Expand
Cratomyia macrorrhyncha, a lower Cretaceous brachyceran fossil from the Santana Formation, Brazil, representing a new species, genus and family of the Stratiomyomorpha (Diptera).
A new fossil Brachycera (Diptera), Cratomyia macrorrhyncha gen. n. & sp. n. is described from the Santana Formation, Lower Cretaceous, situated on the Araripe Basin (Northeastern Brazil). ItsExpand
The first phylogenetic study of Mesembrinellidae (Diptera: Oestroidea) based on molecular data: clades and congruence with morphological characters
Re‐examination of the female reproductive tract of M. patriciae revealed a Laneela‐type spermatheca, which corroborates the position of the species recovered in the molecular phylogenetic analyses, and corroborate the Mesembrinellidae as a monophyletic lineage inside Oestroidea. Expand