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Capitalist Development and Democracy.
It is a commonplace claim of Western political discourse that capitalist development and democracy go hand in hand. Crossnational statistical research on political democracy supports this claim. ByExpand
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Bringing the State Back In
Preface Introduction 1. Bringing the state back in: strategies of analysis in current research Theda Skocpol Part I. States as Promoters of Economic Development and Social Redistribution: 2. TheExpand
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Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences
1. Comparative-historical analysis: achievements and agendas James Mahoney and Dietrich Rueschemeyer Part I. Accumulation of Research: 2. Comparative-historical analysis and knowledge accumulation inExpand
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Bringing the State Back In: The State and Economic Transformation: Toward an Analysis of the Conditions Underlying Effective Intervention
The paper presents a synthesis of key sociological insights regarding conditions underlining an effective state intervention into economy. It is focused on two main factors including the commonExpand
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The Issue The crux of skepticism about comparative historical analysis is the “small- N problem” – the combination of many factors assumed to be causally relevant with evidence from only a smallExpand
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The Impact of Economic Development on Democracy
Any account of the social and economic conditions of democracy must come to terms with the central finding of the cross-national statistical research: a sturdy (though not perfect) associationExpand
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The Paradoxes of Contemporary Democracy: Formal, Participatory, and Social Dimensions
"We care about formal democracy because it tends to be more than merely formal. It tends to be real to some extent. Giving the many a real voice in the formal collective decision-making of a countryExpand
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Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences: COMPARATIVE HISTORICAL ANALYSIS
Comparative historical analysis has a long and distinguished history in the social sciences. Those whom we now regard as the founders of modern social science, from Adam Smith to Alexis deExpand
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