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Damage to the Insula Disrupts Addiction to Cigarette Smoking
A number of brain systems have been implicated in addictive behavior, but none have yet been shown to be necessary for maintaining the addiction to cigarette smoking. We found that smokers with brainExpand
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Estimating the time-course of coherence between single-trial brain signals: an introduction to wavelet coherence
This paper introduces the use of wavelet analysis to follow the temporal variations in the coupling between oscillatory neural signals. Coherence, based on Fourier analysis, has been commonly used asExpand
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The pathways of interoceptive awareness
A network of cortical brain regions, including the insula and anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), has been proposed as the critical and sole substrate for interoceptive awareness. Combining lesion andExpand
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Relating Structure and Function in the Human Brain: Relative Contributions of Anatomy, Stationary Dynamics, and Non-stationarities
Investigating the relationship between brain structure and function is a central endeavor for neuroscience research. Yet, the mechanisms shaping this relationship largely remain to be elucidated andExpand
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Intracranial EEG and human brain mapping
This review is an attempt to highlight the value of human intracranial recordings (intracranial electro-encephalography, iEEG) for human brain mapping, based on their technical characteristics andExpand
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Rapid Interactions between the Ventral Visual Stream and Emotion-Related Structures Rely on a Two-Pathway Architecture
Visual attention can be driven by the affective significance of visual stimuli before full-fledged processing of the stimuli. Two kinds of models have been proposed to explain this phenomenon: modelsExpand
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Lesion mapping of cognitive control and value-based decision making in the prefrontal cortex
A considerable body of previous research on the prefrontal cortex (PFC) has helped characterize the regional specificity of various cognitive functions, such as cognitive control and decision making.Expand
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Damage to Association Fiber Tracts Impairs Recognition of the Facial Expression of Emotion
An array of cortical and subcortical structures have been implicated in the recognition of emotion from facial expressions. It remains unknown how these regions communicate as parts of a system toExpand
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Lesion Mapping of Cognitive Abilities Linked to Intelligence
The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) assesses a wide range of cognitive abilities and impairments. Factor analyses have documented four underlying indices that jointly comprise intelligenceExpand
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Alterations in brain structure and functional connectivity in prescription opioid-dependent patients.
A dramatic increase in the use and dependence of prescription opioids has occurred within the last 10 years. The consequences of long-term prescription opioid use and dependence on the brain areExpand
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