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Multi-attribute comparison of catering service companies using fuzzy AHP: The case of Turkey
The customers of three Turkish catering firms were interviewed and the most important criteria taken into account by the customers while they were selecting their catering firmsWere determined by a designed questionnaire and the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process was used to compare these catering firms. Expand
Fuzzy group decision-making for facility location selection
The aim of the paper is to solve facility location problems using different solution approaches of fuzzy multi-attribute group decision-making, including a fuzzy model of group decision proposed by Blin and Yager's weighted goals method. Expand
Integrating data envelopment analysis and analytic hierarchy for the facility layout design in manufacturing systems
A decision-making methodology based on data envelopment analysis (DEA) is presented, which uses both quantitative and qualitative criteria, for evaluating FLD, and is applied to a real data set of a case study. Expand
Multi-Objective Group Decision Making - Methods, Software and Applications with Fuzzy Set Techniques(With CD-ROM)
This book proposes a set of models to describe fuzzy multi-objective decision making (MODM), fuzzy multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), fuzzy group decision making (GDM) and fuzzy multi-objectiveExpand
Fuzzy group decision making for selection among computer integrated manufacturing systems
This paper includes four different fuzzy multi-attribute group decision-making methods extended to select the best computer integrated manufacturing system by taking into account both intangible and tangible factors. Expand
A fuzzy preference‐ranking model for a quality evaluation of hospital web sites
The model is developed on the basis of a conceptual framework, which consists of seven major e‐service quality dimensions, including tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, confidence, empathy, quality of information, and integration of communication issues of Web sites. Expand
Evaluation of software development projects using a fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach
The VIKOR method is extended so as to process such data and to provide a more comprehensive evaluation in a fuzzy environment and is used for measuring the performance of enterprise resource planning software products. Expand
Data envelopment analysis based decision model for optimal operator allocation in CMS
A decision making approach based on data envelopment analysis (DEA) for determining the most efficient number of operators and the efficient measurement of labor assignment in cellular manufacturing system (CMS). Expand
A fuzzy multi-criteria decision approach for software development strategy selection
A methodology based on the extent fuzzy analytic hierarchy process modeling to assess the adequate economic and quality balance is applied to improve the quality of decision-making in the software development project under uncertain conditions. Expand
Fuzzy group decision-making to multiple preference formats in quality function deployment
In this study, a new fuzzy group decision-making approach is presented to fuse multiple preference styles to respond CNs in product development with QFD in a better way. Expand