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Contribution to frequency control through wind turbine inertial energy storage
An innovative way for wind energy to participate in some sort of frequency control using kinetic energy stored in the rotor for a fast power reserve that could be delivered in a short period (fromExpand
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Operation of Grid-Connected Cross-Flow Water Turbines in the Stall Region by Direct Power Control
This paper proposes a new method of controlling cross-flow-water-turbine (CFWT)-based generation systems by power regulation. Expand
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Energy-Reliability Optimization of Wind Energy Conversion Systems by Sliding Mode Control
This paper describes a manner in which the energy-reliability optimization of wind energy conversion systemspsila operation can be achieved by means of the sliding mode control. The proposed approachExpand
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Principles and implementation of direct torque control by stator flux orientation of an induction motor
The field oriented control of an induction motor is sensitive to machine parameters and some detuning is expected in most rotor flux oriented systems. Consequently, direct torque control has beenExpand
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Management and Control of Operating Regimes of Cross-Flow Water Turbines
This paper deals with a generation system based on cross-flow water turbines (CFWTs) operating in a river stream. Expand
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A DSP based direct torque controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor drives
A DSP-based controller is used to study the application of a direct torque control method for the sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Expand
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Real-Time Analysis of the Control Structure and Management Functions of a Hybrid Microgrid System
Due to their non-controllable nature renewable energy source's (RES) participation in the network operation is currently rather deficient. In this paper the microgrid concept is presented as anExpand
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Modeling and control of variable-speed micro-hydropower plant based on Axial-flow turbine and permanent magnet synchronous generator (MHPP-PMSG)
This paper presents a grid connected variable-speed micro hydropower plant, based on a micro Axial-flow turbine (semi-Kaplan) coupled to permanent magnet synchronous generator (MHPP-PMSG); TwoExpand
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ABSTRACT The electrical, mechanical and thermal interactions in an induction motor are defined by coupling an electrical model with a thermal one. This is especially useful when the motor, fed by anExpand
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Stability analysis of a BDFM under open-loop voltage control
This paper presents a stability analysis of the Brushless Doubly-Fed Machine (BDFM) under open-loop voltage control (OLVC). For this purpose a new small signal model has been developed. This newExpand
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