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Sales and Marketing Integration: A Proposed Framework
In this paper, we identify sales and marketing activities and common impediments to their integration. We then discuss the concept of sales–marketing integration and distinguish it from relatedExpand
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The embedded sales force: Connecting buying and selling organizations
Business-to-business firms are increasingly focusing on building long-term partnering relationships with key customers. Salespeople are often responsible for managing these relationships. To beExpand
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Sales Force Turnover and Retention: A Research Agenda
Identifying, acquiring, and retaining top sales talent remains a priority in many sales organizations because salesperson turnover remains such an intractable management problem. This paper seeks toExpand
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Determinants of Pay Levels and Structures in Sales Organizations
Two key issues in business-to-business (B2B) sales force management are (1) how much a given sales job should be compensated (pay level) and (2) how much of the compensation should be fixed versusExpand
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Does marketing and sales integration always pay off? Evidence from a social capital perspective
Building on social capital theory, we view the marketing and sales interface as a set of inter-group ties and investigate how cross-functional relationships may facilitate the development of socialExpand
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Mössbauer study of synthetic oxidized vivianite at room temperature
Mössbauer spectroscopy has been used to study synthetic vivianites which are oxidized at room temperature in air. Six doublets, three ferrous and three ferric, have been used to fit the spectraExpand
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Sales force compensation
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A Cross-National Investigation of Incentive Sales Compensation
Why do managers choose one sales compensation form rather than another? Theoretical answers typically focus on the type of plans managers should design, not on the factors that managers actuallyExpand
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How HRM control affects boundary-spanning employees' behavioural strategies and satisfaction: the moderating impact of cultural performance orientation
This study examines how cultural performance orientation moderates the influence of human resource management (HRM) controls on boundary-spanning employees' behavioural strategies and satisfaction.Expand
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Internal Validity Assessment of Conjoint Estimated Attribute Importance Weights
This paper investigates how various conjoint designs (full versus fractional) and estimation procedures (LINMAP, MONANOVA, OLS) may interact with basic characteristics of the “true” utility functionsExpand
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