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Models with a Kronecker product covariance structure: Estimation and testing
In this article we consider a pq-dimensional random vector x distributed normally with mean vector θ and covariance matrix Λ assumed to be positive definite. On the basis of N independentExpand
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Maximum likelihood estimators in multivariate linear normal models
A unified approach of treating multivariate linear normal models is presented. The results of the paper are based on a useful extension of the growth curve model. In particular, the finding ofExpand
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Moments for the inverted Wishart distribution
On exploite deux approches, l'une appliquee aux moments d'ordre jusqu'a 3, l'autre appliquee aux moments d'ordre arbitraire. On considere une application aux modeles de courbe de croissance
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The multilinear normal distribution: Introduction and some basic properties
In this paper, the multilinear normal distribution is introduced as an extension of the matrix-variate normal distribution. Expand
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A family of bivariate distributions with non-elliptical contours
In this paper, a family of copulas with two parameters is proposed and its dependence analysis is performed. The corresponding family of bivariate distributions with specified marginals isExpand
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Advanced Multivariate Statistics with Matrices
Basic Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra.- Multivariate Distributions.- Distribution Expansions.- Multivariate Linear Models.
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Some tests for the covariance matrix with fewer observations than the dimension under non-normality
This article analyzes whether some existing tests for the pxp covariance matrix @S of the N independent identically distributed observation vectors work under non-normality. Expand
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Effect of forage conservation method on microbial flora and fermentation pattern in forage and in equine colon and faeces
The influence of forage conservation method on microbial and chemical composition in forage and on colon content and faeces in horses fed with the forages was investigated. Hay (815 g DM/kg), haylageExpand
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The growth curve model: a review
A survey is given of papers which have influenced or have been influenced by the Growth Curve Model due to Potthoff & Roy (1964). The review covers, among others, methods of estimating parameters,Expand
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Local influence assessment in the growth curve model with unstructured covariance
Abstract In this paper, a local influence approach is employed to assess adequacy of the growth curve model with an unstructured covariance, based on likelihood displacement. The Hessian matrix ofExpand
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