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Variegated Expression of the Endogenous Immunoglobulin Heavy-Chain Gene in the Absence of the Intronic Locus Control Region
ABSTRACT The expression of chromosomally integrated transgenes usually varies greatly among independent transfectants. This variability in transgene expression has led to the definition of locusExpand
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Positive and Negative Transcriptional States of a Variegating Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain (IgH) Locus Are Maintained by a cis-Acting Epigenetic Mechanism1
Analyses of transgene expression have defined essential components of a locus control region (LCR) in the JH-Cμ intron of the IgH locus. Targeted deletion of this LCR from the endogenous IgH locus ofExpand
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Role of the Intronic Elements in the Endogenous Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Locus
High level expression in mice of transgenes derived from the immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) locus requires both the core enhancer (Eμ) and the matrix attachment regions (MARs) that flank Eμ. TheExpand
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The Epigenetic Stability of the Locus Control Region-Deficient IgH Locus in Mouse Hybridoma Cells Is a Clonally Varying, Heritable Feature
Cis-acting elements such as enhancers and locus control regions (LCRs) prevent silencing of gene expression. We have shown previously that targeted deletion of an LCR in the immunoglobulinExpand
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A new field single wheel tester
A new field single wheel testing device, as part of a field testing unit, was developed to perform traction tests on agricultural or cross country tires in the field. The tire testing device isExpand
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Tire footprint characteristics as a function of soil properties and tire operations
The main objective of the following presentation is to examine the possibility of predicting agricultural tire footprint parameters under different operational conditions. The experimental part ofExpand
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Use of a simple, general targeting vector for replacing the DNA of the heavy chain constant region in mouse hybridoma cells.
It is often necessary to modify the constant region of the immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy chain in order to produce Ig with optimal properties. In the case of Ig production by mouse hybridoma cells, it isExpand