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The building program of Herod the Great
Herod the Great, King of Judaea from 444 B.C., is known as one of the world's great villains. This notoriety has overshadowed his actual achievements, particularly his role as a client king of RomeExpand
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Vitruvius and Later Roman Building Manuals
An edition and translation of Faventinus' Compendium of Vitruvius' De architectura. There is an introductory account of the relationship between Vitruvius and the world of Faventinus and Palladius,Expand
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Cleopatra: A Biography
Few personalities from classical antiquity are more familiar yet more poorly grasped than Cleopatra (69-30 BC), Queen of Egypt. The subject of a vast repertory of post-antique popular culture andExpand
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Eratosthenes' Geography : Fragments Collected and Translated with Commentary and Additional Material
Roller’s Eratosthenes’ Geography is the first comprehensive treatment of Eratosthenes’ Geographica since R.M.Bentham’s largely inaccessible, unpublished PhD thesis, The Fragments of EratosthenesExpand
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The Northern Plain of Sharon in the Hellenistic Period
  • D. Roller
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 22 January 1982
Les sites hellenistiques de la partie nord de la plaine de Sharon: 150 km entre la riviere Hadera au sud et la riviere Krokodeilon au nord. Apres avoir dresse une concordance des noms geographiquesExpand
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The 'Ain La'ban Oasis: A Nabataean Population Center
The oasis of 'Ain La'ban, in northern Edom, was a major population center from at least the Iron Age through Nabataean times. During the Nabataean period, a major sanctuary, Qasr edh-Dherih, wasExpand
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Tanagra Survey Project 1985. The Site of Grimadha
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