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Policing Domestic Violence: Experiments and Dilemmas
Sherman examines the policy of mandatory arrest for domestic violence operated in Wisconsin. He concludes that it is in itself an inadequate response to the problem, especially among the poorerExpand
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Effects of gun seizures on gun violence: “Hot spots” patrol in Kansas city
We tested the hypothesis that greater enforcement of existing laws against carrying concealed weapons could reduce firearms violence with a quasi-experimental, target beat/comparison beat design.Expand
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Crime, punishment, and stake in conformity: Legal and informal control of domestic violence.
Deterrence theories and labeling theories offer inconsistent predictions about the relative impact of legal and informal controls on the subsequent criminal activities of arrested persons. In aExpand
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Deterrent effects of police raids on crack houses: A randomized, controlled experiment
We tested the block-level deterrent effects on crime of uniformed police raids of crack houses. Court-authorized raids were legally possible on 207 blocks with at least five calls for police serviceExpand
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The variable effects of arrest on criminal careers: The Milwaukee domestic violence experiment
This research was supported by grant 86IJCXKO43 to the Crime Control Institute from the National Institute ofJustice. The points of view or opinions stated herein are those of the authors and do notExpand
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The Kansas City Gun Experiment
A process for the preparation of electrodes for an electrochemical generator consisting in preparing an aqueous solution of partially reticulated polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and in adding zinc acetateExpand
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Managing citizen calls to the police: the impact of Baltimore's 3-1-1 call system
Research Summary: Our paper explores the impact of implementing a nonemergency 3-1-1 call system in Baltimore, Maryland. We found a large (34.2%) reduction in 9-1-1 calls following the introductionExpand
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Using Gunshot Detection Systems in Police Departments
Gunshot detection systems are defined as technologically advanced acoustic sensing systems capable of identifying, discriminating and reporting gun shots within one second of a shot being fired.Expand
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Persons arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence are held in custody for widely varying lengths of time. To test the effects of this variance, we randomly assigned short (X= 2.8 hours), full (X=Expand
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