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FFTs on the Rotation Group
We discuss an implementation of an efficient algorithm for the numerical computation of Fourier transforms of bandlimited functions defined on the rotation group SO(3). The implementation is freelyExpand
Unbiased Metric Learning: On the Utilization of Multiple Datasets and Web Images for Softening Bias
This work proposes Unbiased Metric Learning (UML), a metric learning approach that learns a set of less biased candidate distance metrics on training examples from multiple biased datasets, based on structural SVM. Expand
A combinatorial description of the spectrum for the Tsetlin library and its generalization to hyperplane arrangements
1. Introduction. Imagine a collection of books labeled 1 through n arranged in a row in some order. We reorganize the row of books by successively choosing a book at random: choosing book i withExpand
FFTs for the 2-Sphere-Improvements and Variations
AbstractEarlier work by Driscoll and Healy has produced an efficient algorithm for computing the Fourier transform of band-limited functions on the 2-sphere. In this article we present aExpand
A digital technique for art authentication
A computational technique for authenticating works of art, specifically paintings and drawings, from high-resolution digital scans of the original works, is described, which confirms expert authentications of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Expand
Quantitative patterns of stylistic influence in the evolution of literature
This study conducts the first large-scale temporal stylometric study of literature by using the vast holdings in the Project Gutenberg Digital Library corpus and gives quantitative support to the notion of a literary “style of a time” with a strong trend toward increasingly contemporaneous stylistic influence. Expand
Sharing neuroimaging studies of human cognition
The fMRI Data Center (fMRIDC), a high-performance computing center managed by computer and brain scientists, seeks to catalogue and openly disseminate the data from published fMRI studies to the community, which enables experimental validation and allows researchers to combine and examine patterns of brain activity beyond that of any single study. Expand
Fast Discrete Polynomial Transforms with Applications to Data Analysis for Distance Transitive Graphs
An O(N\log^2 N) algorithm is given for computing a discrete polynomial transform at an arbitrary set of points instead of the $N^2 operations required by direct evaluation. Expand
Nonparametric Sparsification of Complex Multiscale Networks
This paper introduces a new method for backbone extraction that does not rely on any particular null model, but instead uses the empirical distribution of similarity weight to determine and then retain statistically significant edges. Expand
The Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Center (fMRIDC): the challenges and rewards of large-scale databasing of neuroimaging studies.
An overview of the scientific and practical difficulties inherent in managing various fMRI data-sharing approaches is provided and how a publicly accessible database enables other fields to develop relevant tools that can aid in the growth of understanding of cognitive processes. Expand