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Genome-wide search for linkage of bipolar affective disorders in a very large pedigree derived from a homogeneous population in quebec points to a locus of major effect on chromosome 12q23-q24.
We completed a genome-wide scan for susceptibility loci for bipolar affective disorders in families derived from a rather homogeneous population in the Province of Québec. The genetic homogeneity ofExpand
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Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes in the chromosome 12Q24.31 region points to P2RX7 as a susceptibility gene to bipolar affective disorder
Previous results from our genetic analyses using pedigrees from a French Canadian population suggested that the interval delimited by markers on chromosome 12, D12S86 and D12S378, was the mostExpand
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Paper sheet moisture measurements in the far infrared
Measurement of several parameters pertinent to process and quality control in the manufacture of paper products is a potentially important application of far-infrared lasers. Preliminary measurementsExpand
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Modelling of the pre-arcing period in HBC fuses including solid - liquid - vapour phase changes of the fuse element
In this paper, we present a model and a numerical method of the fuse element heating including solid-liquid-vapour phase transitions in order to evaluate the pre-arcing time in HBC fuses. TheExpand
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Measurement of the pre-arcing time and the fulgurite length in hbc fuse in the case of tests performed with an A.C. 100 KVA station
This study deals with a specific test device especially designed to perform tests on HBC fuse on a scale of a non industrial laboratory. In fact it is not possible for most of academic laboratoriesExpand
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Basic data: Composition, thermodynamic properties and transport coefficients applied to fuses.
Two main areas of research can be determined for the basic data that are composition, thermodynamic properties and transport coefficients: the polyphasic area and the gas phase and plasma phase area.Expand
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Study of the SIO2 plasma radiation. application to the fuse arc plasma
During the HBC fuse working, the fault current implies the initiation of an electric arc which is composed of metallic species vapours mainly, generally silver. This defines the end of the pre-arcingExpand
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Factors to consider in measuring productivity of expert systems