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Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation
From the Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface) Advances in the design and production of computer hardware have brought many more people into direct contact with computers. Expand
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Smalltalk-80 : 言語詳解
第1部 (オブジェクトとメッセージ;構文;クラスとインスタンス;サブクラス;メタクラス) 第2部 (全てのオブジェクトに対するプロトコル;尺度;数値クラス;クラスCollectionのプロトコル;コレクションクラスの階層;Collectionを使った3つの例題;Streamsのプロトコル ほか) 第3部Expand
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Making technology homey: finding sources of satisfaction and meaning in home automation
We conduct need finding interviews among people who have already introduced automation into their homes and kept it there--home automators. Expand
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Ecological conditions in wintering and passage areas as determinants of timing of spring migration in trans-Saharan migratory birds.
1. Climate change has been associated with shifts in the timing of biological events, including the spring arrival of migratory birds. Early arrival at breeding sites is an important life-historyExpand
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Parental Participation in Paired Reading: a controlled study
Abstract A double‐blind controlled study of the effects of Paired Reading was carried out with 33 failing readers and their parents. The children were aged 8 to 11 and had reading delays of at leastExpand
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The Story in the stones
Parks fly as stone meets stone, and shards of rock ricochet off the furniture around one. Each strike makes him flinch, but Bruce Bradley is the picture of cool concentration as he chips away at hisExpand
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HyMap of Broken Hill – imaging spectrometry for rock and mineral abundance mapping
Imaging spectrometry (hyperspectral imagery) has been acquired for the Broken Hill Block. The data were acquired using the HyMap scanner on behalf of the New South Wales Department of MineralExpand
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A dangerous prescription
Robson interviews neuro-ethicist Brian D. Earp regarding love. Among other things, Earp talks about how to ease the pain of a broken hearted person.
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Curing lovesickness, with medicine?
Heartbreak is misery, but sometimes it makes us stronger. If new drugs can help us mend, when would it be OK to use them asks neuro-ethicist Brian Earp
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