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Ovarian hormones, anticonvulsant drugs, and seizures during the menstrual cycle in women with epilepsy.
The excretion of three oestrogen fractions and progesterone metabolites in 64 female epileptic patients was determined during the menstrual cycle, and in 50 women of this sample serum phenytoin andExpand
Analysis of seizure dispersion during menstrual cycle in women with epilepsy.
The correlation between seizures and menstrual cycle was studied in 69 females with epilepsy, mean age 28.7 years. Between 1975-1978 the patients had registered in standard diaries data ofExpand
[Serum ACTH levels in patients treated for epilepsy].
In 27 epileptic patients (16 females and 11 males) aged 23-61 years, the serum ACTH levels were estimated by radioimmunoassay (RIA). The men serum ACTH level in epileptic patients was lower than inExpand
[Depression in epileptic patients with and without history of suicidal attempts: preliminary report].
Depression is a significant problem in epilepsy. Suicides occur in epileptic patients five times more often than in general population. Material included 34 epileptics with 76 suicidal attempts andExpand
[Menopause in women and its effects on epilepsy].
[The course of epilepsy in girls at the age of puberty].
In 62 women the course of epilepsy was analysed at the age of puberty from 11 to 15 years of life. In 19 cases the course of the disease remained unchanged at that time, in 20 cases the seizuresExpand
[Fertility in the population of women with epilepsy].
Retrospective inquiry investigations of 263 women with epilepsy at the age above 15 years demonstrated that the reproductive functions in these women were twice lower than in the general populationExpand
Adrenal cortex hormones in male epileptic patients before and during a 2-year phenytoin treatment.
Serum levels of progesterone, cortisol and phenytoin as well as the excretion of 17-OHCS were determined in 45 male epileptics before and during 24 months of the therapy. A significant decrease ofExpand
Hemiplegic Migraine With CSF Abnormalities
A 30‐year‐old woman with hemiplegic migraine and an elevated CSF protein level with considerable pleocytosis is described. Fourteen other cases of hemiplegic migraine with cerebrospinal fluidExpand
[Changes in cytohormonal cervical swabs in epileptic women].
In 16 women with epilepsy aged 18 to 38 years cytohormonal investigations were carried out during menstrual cycle. Swabs were obtained from the upper one-third of the vagina, fixed and stained by theExpand