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Contrast's effect on spatial summation by macaque V1 neurons
Stimulation outside the receptive field of a primary visual cortical (V1) neuron reveals intracortical neural interactions. However, previous investigators implicitly or explicitly considered theExpand
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Orientation Selectivity in Macaque V1: Diversity and Laminar Dependence
We studied the steady-state orientation selectivity of single neurons in macaque primary visual cortex (V1). To analyze the data, two measures of orientation tuning selectivity, circular variance andExpand
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Dynamics of orientation tuning in macaque primary visual cortex
Orientation tuning of neurons is one of the chief emergent characteristics of the primary visual cortex, VI (refs 1,2). Neurons of the lateral geniculate nucleus, which comprise the thalamic input toExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Properties of Illusory Contours and Amodal Boundary Completion
Spatial and temporal properties of illusory contours and amodal completion were investigated using a shape discrimination task. Performance was characterized as accuracy of angular discrimination ofExpand
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Local Origin of Field Potentials in Visual Cortex
The local field potential (LFP) is increasingly used to measure the combined activity of neurons within a region of tissue. Yet, available estimates of the size of this region are highly disparate,Expand
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Spatial structure and symmetry of simple-cell receptive fields in macaque primary visual cortex.
  • D. Ringach
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of neurophysiology
  • 1 July 2002
I present measurements of the spatial structure of simple-cell receptive fields in macaque primary visual cortex (area V1). Similar to previous findings in cat area 17, the spatial profile ofExpand
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Stimulus contrast modulates functional connectivity in visual cortex
Neurons in visual cortex are linked by an extensive network of lateral connections. To study the effect of these connections on neural responses, we recorded spikes and local field potentials (LFPs)Expand
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On the classification of simple and complex cells
In their pioneering studies of primary visual cortex, Hubel and Wiesel described the existence of two classes of cells, which they termed "simple" and "complex". The original classification schemeExpand
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Dynamics of Orientation Selectivity in the Primary Visual Cortex and the Importance of Cortical Inhibition
To test theories of orientation selectivity in primary visual cortex (V1), we have done experiments to measure the dynamics of orientation tuning of single neurons in the V1 cortex of macaqueExpand
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