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Spectral analysis of block structured nonlinear systems and higher order sinusoidal input describing functions
This paper contributes to the analysis of the effects of non linearities in the frequency domain by supplying new analytical tools and results that allow spectral analysis of a class of nonlinear systems. Expand
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Nonlinearities in Industrial motion stages - detection and classification
Detection and classification of nonlinearities in motion systems becomes of increasing importance with high demands on (closed loop) performance. In this paper two methods are compared that aim toExpand
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Uniquely connecting frequency domain representations of given order polynomial Wiener-Hammerstein systems
The generalized frequency response function (GFRF) and the higher order sinusoidal input describing function (HOSIDF) for polynomial systems are explicitly related, assuming the linear dynamics are known. Expand
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Frequency domain based friction compensation - Industrial application to transmission electron microscopes -
In this paper a frequency domain method is introduced that allows fast and high accuracy tuning of controller parameters when the closed loop system is subject to nonlinear influences. Expand
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In-orbit micro-propulsion demonstrator for pico-satellite applications
This paper describes the requirements and design of the complete micro-propulsion demonstrator as well as its expected operational envelope for in-orbit functional testing, based on the currently validated performance characteristics of the two thrusters. Expand
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