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Analyzing Media Messages: Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Defining Content Analysis as a Social Science Tool. Designing a Content Analysis. Measurement. Sampling. Reliability. Validity. Data Analysis. Computers.
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A Content Analysis of Content Analyses: Twenty-Five Years of Journalism Quarterly
Examination of the increasing number of articles employing quantitative content analysis in 1971–95 Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly showed primary focus on news/editorial content in U.S.Expand
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The Effectiveness of Random, Consecutive Day and Constructed Week Sampling in Newspaper Content Analysis
This study compares 20 sets each of samples of four different sizes (n=7, 14, 21 and 28) using simple random, constructed week and consecutive day samples of newspaper content. Comparisons of sampleExpand
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Sampling Error and Selecting Intercoder Reliability Samples for Nominal Content Categories
This study views intercoder reliability as a sampling problem. It develops a formula for generating sample sizes needed to have valid reliability estimates. It also suggests steps for reportingExpand
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Issues and Best Practices in Content Analysis
This article discusses three issues concerning content analysis method and ends with a list of best practices in conducting and reporting content analysis projects. Issues addressed include the useExpand
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Mood Influence on the Appeal of Bad News
Respondents were placed into a bad or good mood and then provided with reading choices. They chose magazine articles that featured either bad or good news. In agreement with theoretical expectations,Expand
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The Impact of Competition and Group Ownership on Radio News
A secondary analysis of a national survey of managers at radio news stations was used to examine the impact of group ownership and competition on news content and the news department. Group ownershipExpand
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Sample Size for Newspaper Content Analysis in Multi-Year Studies
This study examines the most efficient method of sampling content from five years of daily newspaper editions. Selecting nine constructed weeks (nine issues from a Monday, nine from a Tuesday, etc.)Expand
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Sample Size in Multi-Year Content Analyses of Monthly Consumer Magazines
This study examined efficient sampling for content analyzing monthly consumer magazines during a five-year period. As with other forms of media content, sampling of monthly consumer magazines is moreExpand
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