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Prevention of thromboses in human patients with Bothrops lanceolatus envenoming in Martinique: failure of anticoagulants and efficacy of a monospecific antivenom. Research Group on Snake Bites in
Envenomation by the Bothrops lanceolatus, a snake found only in Martinique, leads to swelling and pain, and occasionally to systemic signs and/or coagulopathy. Severe thromboses at some distance fromExpand
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Non‐Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting with primary adrenal insufficiency a disease with an underestimated frequency?
Adrenal involvement in the course of a non‐Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) appears to occur relatively often, but only seven cases of NHL‐induced adrenal insufficiency were found in a recent review of theExpand
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Troubles de la coagulation et thromboses induits par la morsure de serpent (bothrops lanceolatus) chez l'homme en Martinique
Resume Les dossiers de 64 cas (53 hommes et 11 femmes) d'envenimation par le B. Lanceolatus ont ete etudies retrospectivement. Une coagulopathie etait observee chez 15 patients (23,4 p. 100) : quatreExpand
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Chiari Type I malformation with hydromyelia: findings at computerized metrizamide ventriculomyelography.
Computerized Metrizamide ventriculomyelography consists of CT exploration of the head and neck performed one hour after introduction of Metrizamide into the lateral ventricle via a frontal burr hole.Expand
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[Contribution of computed tomography to the exploration of aortic aneurysms (author's transl)].
A technique for exploring aortic aneurysms is described, and the results analysed in 50 cases (11 thoracic, 32 abdominal, 3 multiple, and 4 with both thoracic and abdominal aneurysms). The diagnosticExpand
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[Acute pancreatitis: prognostic value of early x-ray computed tomography coupled with Ranson's criteria and its role in surveillance of the course].
Fifty nine patients suffering from a first attack of acute pancreatitis were investigated during the first ten days of illness with computerized tomography (CT scan) and biological signs of Ranson.Expand
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[Computer tomography examination of the diaphragmatic pillars. Value during the study of the postero-inferior mediastinum (author's transl)].
The authors review the results of 100 computer tomography examinations of the normal thoraco-abdominal region and define the radiological anatomy of the posterior submediastinal space limited by theExpand
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[Radiological aspects of the duodenum and small intestine in severe strongyloidiasis. Apropos of 4 cases].
Four cases of severe strongyloidiasis in Martinique patients are reported. Clinical features were typical of the affection, and the outcome was fatal in two cases. Fibroscopy findings were negativeExpand
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[Use of tomodensitometry in the evaluation of the extension of certain laryngeal cancers].
Radiopathological examinations were conducted on a frozen laryngeal specimen to determine its characteristics as seen on the CT scan image. Results of CT scan imaging of 37 patients with laryngealExpand
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[Contribution of computed tomography to radiological investigation of the adrenals (author's transl)].
Computed tomography examinations of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas were conducted in 466 patients over a period of one year, and both adrenals were visualized in 94 p. cent of cases. The adrenalsExpand
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