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Rapid accumulation and turnover of soil carbon in a re-establishing forest
Present understanding of the global carbon cycle is limited by uncertainty over soil-carbon dynamics,,,,,. The clearing of the world's forests, mainly for agricultural uses, releases large amounts ofExpand
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Simulating trends in soil organic carbon in long-term experiments using RothC-26.3
Abstract As part of a model evaluation exercise, RothC-26.3, a model for the turnover of organic carbon in non-waterlogged soils, was fitted to measurements of organic carbon from 18 differentExpand
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Atmospheric Deposition and Canopy Interactions of Major Ions in a Forest
Airborne particles and vapors contributed significantly to the nutrient requirements and the pollutant load of a mixed hardwood forest in the eastern United States. Dry deposition was an importantExpand
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Soil Chemistry in a Loblolly/Longleaf Pine Forest with Interval Burning.
We examined the 30-yr cumulative effects of prescribed fires at intervals of 1, 2, 3, and 4 yr in a loblolly and longleaf pine forest in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina. The fine fraction of theExpand
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The nitrogen budget of a pine forest under free air CO2 enrichment
Abstract. Elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO2 increase plant biomass, net primary production (NPP) and plant demand for nitrogen (N). The demand for N set by rapid plant growth under elevatedExpand
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Terrestrial vegetation and soils may act as important carbon sinks if rising atmospheric CO2 stimulates plant production. We used free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) technology to expose three 30 mExpand
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Soil Diversity in the Tropics
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews the soil diversity in the tropics. Soil diversity in the tropics is relatively easy to demonstrate using maps with scales of 1.5 million. This chapter evaluatesExpand
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Prescribed Fire: Effects on Water Quality and Forest Nutrient Cycling
Prescribed fire, a practice applied annually to about 106 hectares of forests in the southeastern United States, had limited effects on soils, nutrient cycling, and hydrologic systems of a coastalExpand
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Productivity, aboveground biomass, nutrient uptake and carbon content in fast-growing tree plantations of native and introduced species in the Southern Region of Costa Rica
Early growth performance of four native and two introduced tree species was studied during six years at 13 sites in the southern region of Costa Rica. Selected study sites represent a wideExpand
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Three decades of observed soil acidification in the Calhoun Experimental Forest: Has acid rain made a difference?
Three decades of repeated soil sampling from eight permanent plots at the Calhoun Experimental Forest in South Carolina allowed the authors to estimate the rate of soil acidification, the chemicalExpand
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