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Biochemical responses of the earthworm Eisenia fetida andrei exposed to contaminated artificial soil: effects of benzo(a)pyrene
Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of carbaryl, at different concentrations and exposure times, on the biochemical responses of the earthworm, Eisenia fetida andrei (E.Expand
Glutathione, Glutathione-Related Enzymes, and Catalase Activities in the Earthworm Eisenia fetida andrei
Abstract. The aim of this work was to provide basic data on the antioxidant defences in the annelid Eisenia fetida andrei (E. f. a.). Methods for measurement of three antioxidant enzymes—catalaseExpand
Accumulation kinetics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons adsorbed to sediment by the mollusk Corbicula fluminea.
The accumulation kinetics in the freshwater mollusk Corbicula fluminea were measured for sediment-associated selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), namely, anthracene (Ant), phenanthreneExpand
Uranium in the environment: occurrence, transfer, and biological effects.
The assessment of uranium chemical and radiological consequences depends on the physicochemical properties of these radioelements and the knowledge of their environmental fate. Although uranium isExpand
In vitro and in vivo studies of potential biomarkers of lead and uranium contamination: lipid peroxidation, acetylcholinesterase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities in three non-mammalian
Abstract The aim of this work was to assess the relationships between lead (Pb) and uranium (U) exposure, lipid peroxidation and some enzyme activities in a mollusc (Cohicula sp.), an earthwormExpand
Acute Toxicity, Toxicokinetics, and Tissue Target of Lead and Uranium in the Clam Corbicula fluminea and the Worm Eisenia fetida: Comparison with the Fish Brachydanio rerio
Abstract. The general objective of our work was to propose new reference material for chemical toxicity testing and new sentinel organisms for environmental quality survey programs (freshwater orExpand
Responses of antioxidants and lipid peroxidation in mussels to oxidative damage exposure.
1. The aim of this work was to evaluate the relationships between free radical scavengers and lipid peroxidation in the common mussel Mytilus edulis. 2. Mussels were exposed to compounds known forExpand
Characterisation, tissue distribution and sexual differences of some parameters related to lipid peroxidation in mussels
Abstract The aim of this work is to provide a baseline study of the lipid peroxidation mechanisms on five tissues (digestive gland, gills, mantle, feet and adductor muscle) of the mussel, MytilusExpand
Mixed-function oxygenase enzymes as tools for pollution monitoring: field studies on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
1. MFO enzyme activities were measured in microsomes from whole mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) comber livers (Serranus cabrilla), or Posidonia oceanica etiolated tissues, and PAH contents wereExpand