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Abstract This paper discusses the mechanical properties of a nanocrystallised stainless steel obtained using surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) and the underlying grain refinementExpand
Fatigue life improvement through surface nanostructuring of stainless steel by means of surface mechanical attrition treatment
The effect of a nanocrystalline surface layer on the fatigue behavior of a 316L stainless steel is investigated. Significant enhancements of the yield stress and the fatigue limit have been achievedExpand
Effect of surface nanocrystallization on the corrosion behavior of Ti–6Al–4V titanium alloy
Abstract By means of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT), a nanocrystalline surface layer was formed on a Ti–6Al–4V alloy. The corrosion behavior of Ti–6Al–4V in a Ringer's solution wasExpand
Laser shock peening of Ti-17 titanium alloy: Influence of process parameters
Abstract The influence of the process parameters of laser shock peening was investigated on specimens made of an aeronautic titanium alloy: Ti–5Al–2Sn–2Zr–4Cr–4Mo (Ti-17). In order to quantify theExpand
The effect of surface mechanical attrition treatment on low temperature plasma nitriding of an austenitic stainless steel
The combined effect of superficial nanocrystallisation by SMAT (Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment) followed by plasma nitriding on the mechanical properties of a medical grade austeniticExpand
Granular gases in mechanical engineering: on the origin of heterogeneous ultrasonic shot peening
The behavior of an ultrasonic shot peening process is observed and analyzed by using a model of inelastic hard spheres in a gravitational field that are fluidized by a vibrating bottom wallExpand
Effect of interfacial oxidation occurring during the duplex process combining surface nanocrystallisation and co-rolling
This paper presents an investigation of the interface quality of nanocristallised 316 L stainless steel multilayer structures. They were produced by a duplex process, combining the Surface MechanicalExpand
Multilayer modelling of stainless steel with a nanocrystallised superficial layer
Abstract In order to obtain the macroscopic mechanical response of a 316L stainless steel, nanocrystallised by Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT), a multilayer model is proposed. TheExpand
Experimental analysis and constitutive modelling of cyclic behaviour of 316L steels including hardening/softening and strain range memory effect in LCF regime
Abstract Cyclic behaviour prediction of materials and structures is always of great interest to industry. In this work, total strain controlled low cycle fatigue (LCF) tests of two 316L austeniticExpand
A Review of Recent Developments and Applications in the Field of X-Ray Diffraction for Residual Stress Studies
Much research effort has been conducted recently in the field of residual stresses. This presentation is a review of different studies carried out during the last few years on the X-ray diffractionExpand