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Studies in Australian Gryllacrididae: Taxonomy, biology, ecology and cytology
This study utilises new taxonomic characters to define the Australian Gryllacrididae, and notes on several well-knoun species of Pareremus are presented with illustrations and redescriptions of types. Expand
Extensive chromosome variation in the stick insect genus Sipyloidea Brunner von Wattenwyl (Phylliidae : Necrosciinae) within Australia, and descriptions of three new species
Combined cytological and morphological analyses of stick insects belonging to the genus Sipyloidea Brunner from a limited geographical area in southern and south-western Australia serve to identifyExpand
Grasshopper biodiversity and bioindicators in Australian tropical savannas: Responses to disturbance in Kakadu National Park
It is demonstrated that grasshopper assemblages respond to disturbances associated with human land use and that these responses do not simply reflect those of plants. Expand
Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 1: The Tettigoniinae
This volume deals with the shield-backed katydids, the Tettigoniinae, covering 17 genera and 72 species. The use of tribes has been disregarded until generic classification is made on a worldwideExpand
The grasshopper (Orthoptera : Acridoidea, Eumastacoidea and Tettigonioidea) fauna of Kakadu National Park in the Australian seasonal tropics: biogeography, habitat associations and functional groups
This study of the grasshoppers of Kakadu National Park in the seasonal tropics of the Northern Territory is the first comprehensive description of any regional grasshopper fauna in Australia and proposes a functional group classification for Australian Grasshoppers as a framework for future ecological and biogeographical studies. Expand
A new Raspy Cricket from the northern Australian Rainforests (Orthoptera: Gryllacrididae).
An Australian Raspy Cricket, Chauliogryllacris acaropenates Rentz, Su, Béthoux, sp. nov. is described. This cricket was found to harbor a number of mite species of interest to acarologists and theExpand
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: The Mecopodine Katydids Part 2 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Mecopodinae; Sexavaini) Queensland Palm Katydid
Two tribes of Mecopodini and Sexavaini are represented in Australia and both are confined to the tropics, with one species apparently facultatively parthenogenetic, the Queensland Palm Katydid. Expand
Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 2: Austrosaginae, Zaprochilinae and Phasmodinae
Evidence suggests that only pollen and nectar are eaten and the flower remains intact in the Phasmodinae, a small group with one genus and four species living in the heath habitats of Western Australia. Expand