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Tract probability maps in stereotaxic spaces: Analyses of white matter anatomy and tract-specific quantification
We created a white matter parcellation atlas based on probabilistic maps of 11 major white matter tracts derived from the DTI data from 28 normal subjects. Expand
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Independent and Redundant Information in Nearby Cortical Neurons
In the primary visual cortex (V1), nearby neurons are tuned to similar stimulus features, and, depending on the manner and time scale over which neuronal signals are analyzed, the resultingExpand
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Penalized Functional Regression
We develop fast fitting methods for generalized functional linear models. Expand
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A topology-preserving approach to the segmentation of brain images with multiple sclerosis lesions
We describe a new fully automatic method for the segmentation of brain images that contain multiple sclerosis white matter lesions while simultaneously segmenting the brain into its major structures. Expand
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Temporal coding of contrast in primary visual cortex: when, what, and why.
How do neurons in the primary visual cortex (V1) encode the contrast of a visual stimulus? In this paper, the information that V1 responses convey about the contrast of static visual stimuli isExpand
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Micro-compartment specific T2⁎ relaxation in the brain
MRI at high field can be sensitized to the magnetic properties of tissues, which introduces a signal dependence on the orientation of white matter (WM) fiber bundles relative to magnetic field. Expand
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Response variability and timing precision of neuronal spike trains in vivo.
We report that neuronal spike trains can exhibit high, stimulus-dependent temporal precision even while the trial-to-trial response variability, measured in several traditional ways, remainsExpand
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Interspike Intervals, Receptive Fields, and Information Encoding in Primary Visual Cortex
In the primate primary visual cortex (V1), the significance of individual action potentials has been difficult to determine, particularly in light of the considerable trial-to-trial variability ofExpand
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Longitudinal functional principal component analysis.
We introduce models for the analysis of functional data observed at multiple time points. Expand
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High resolution diffusion tensor imaging of axonal damage in focal inflammatory and demyelinating lesions in rat spinal cord.
Inflammation, demyelination, gliosis and axonal degeneration are pathological hallmarks of multiple sclerosis (MS) and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Axonal damage is thought toExpand
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