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Premarital coitus: developing and established sexual scripts.
Production and purification of self-assembling peptides in Ralstonia eutropha.
Self-assembling peptides have emerged as an attractive scaffold material for tissue engineering, yet the expense associated with solid phase chemical synthesis has limited their broad use. InExpand
Fendlera rupicola (Native) 3
Fendlera rupicola, flower (oblique view). Family Hydrangeaceae, Subclass Rosidae. Origin: Native.
Heliconia rostrata (Cultivated) 4
Heliconia rostrata, whole plant. Family Musaceae, Subclass Zingiberidae. Origin: Cultivated.
Astragalus iodopetalus (Native)
Astragalus iodopetalus, inflorescences and leaves. Family Fabaceae, Subclass Rosidae. Origin: Native.
Medicago sativa (Introduced) 2
Medicago sativa, inflorescences with pollinator. Family Fabaceae, Subclass Rosidae. Origin: Introduced.
Aristolochia erecta (Native) 8
Aristolochia erecta, close-up of throat, showing markings. Family Aristolochiaceae, Subclass Magnoliidae. Origin: Native.
Calathea loeseneri (Cultivated) 2
Pandanus sp. (Cultivated) 2
Polytaenia sp. (Native) 4