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Drought and immunity determine the intensity of West Nile virus epidemics and climate change impacts
The effect of global climate change on infectious disease remains hotly debated because multiple extrinsic and intrinsic drivers interact to influence transmission dynamics in nonlinear ways. TheExpand
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Regional hydrologic response to climate change in the conterminous United States using high-resolution hydroclimate simulations
Despite the fact that Global Climate Model (GCM) outputs have been used to project hydrologic impacts of climate change using off-line hydrologic models for two decades, many of these efforts haveExpand
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Dominating Controls for Wetter South Asian Summer Monsoon in the Twenty-First Century
AbstractThis paper analyzes a suite of global climate models from phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) archives to understand the mechanisms behind a net increase in the SouthExpand
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Extreme hydrological changes in the southwestern US drive reductions in water supply to Southern California by mid century
The SouthwesternUnited States has a greater vulnerability to climate change impacts onwater security due to a reliance on snowmelt driven importedwater. The State of California, which is themostExpand
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Effects of climate change on probable maximum precipitation: A sensitivity study over the Alabama‐Coosa‐Tallapoosa River Basin
Probable maximum precipitation (PMP), defined as the largest rainfall depth that could physically occur under a series of adverse atmospheric conditions, has been an important design criterion forExpand
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Sources of errors in the simulation of south Asian summer monsoon in the CMIP5 GCMs
Accurate simulation of the South Asian summer monsoon (SAM) is still an unresolved challenge. There has not been a benchmark effort to decipher the origin of undesired yet virtually invariableExpand
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Ultrasound elastography – Review
Abstract Goitre has ceased to be a major problem in many developed countries but still it continuous to be a serious health problem in many third world countries. Thyroid cancers have a harderExpand
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Neonatal ovarian cyst with torsion – A case report
Abstract Ovarian cysts are the most frequent type of neonatal abdominal tumours with an estimated incidence of more than 30%. 1 Cyst in fetal-neonatal ovary may undergo complications such asExpand
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Conjunctive management of surface and groundwater resources under projected future climate change scenarios
Abstract This study introduces a mixed integer linear fractional programming (MILFP) method to optimize conjunctive use of future surface water and groundwater resources under projected climateExpand
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17. Severe precipitation in Northern India in June 2013: Causes, historical context, and changes in probability
The Event: June 2013 Flooding in Northern India. Parts of mountainous northern India—including Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh—experienced extremely heavy precipitation during 14–17Expand
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