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The effects of business-university alliances on innovative output and financial performance: a study of publicly traded biotechnology companies
Abstract Companies in the biotechnology industry face major challenges in developing and commercializing new products. Focusing on publicly traded biotechnology firms that are not members ofExpand
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Professional Learning Communities: Teachers, Knowledge, and Knowing
This article explores how knowledge can be built and shared in teachers' learning communities. The author creates two portraits of learning communities in action and contrasts them. Because teachersExpand
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Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching
The National Writing Project has become one of the most influential and longest lasting professional development programs in the history of the United States. With 175 school/university sites in 49Expand
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Teachers as authors: the National Writing Project's approach to professional development
The National Writing Project (NWP), one of the oldest and arguably most successful teaching networks in the United States, weaves a powerful relational and intellectually rich context for the ongoingExpand
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From Network Learning to Classroom Teaching
In this period of designing controls to producegreater teacher accountability, the NationalWriting Project (NWP) stands as an importantcontrast, teaching us what it means to developthe capacity ofExpand
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Teaching for Human Well-being: Curricular Implications for the Capability Approach
Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum state clearly that education is a foundational capacity intrinsically important for human well-being and an enabling capacity for people to live lives they have reasonExpand
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Social Cognition in Organizational Change: An Insider-Outsider Approach
This article uses a joint insider-outsider research approach to understand the cognitive dynamics associated with implementation of a new empowerment schema. The schema was experientially developedExpand
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Untangling the Threads: Networks, community and teacher learning in the National Writing Project
From 1998 to 2000, we studied two sites of the National Writing Project to find out whether network learning ever finds its way into teachers' classrooms. In the process of observing the 5-weekExpand
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A Review of Empirical Manufacturing Strategy Studies
Examines empirical manufacturing strategy studies which have been published in the refereed journal literature, and the extent to which several conceptual premisses have been empirically tested. Expand
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