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Inhibition of the interferon-inducible protein kinase PKR by HCV E2 protein.
It is shown that the HCV envelope protein E2 contains a sequence identical with phosphorylation sites of the interferon-inducible protein kinase PKR and the translation initiation factor eIF2alpha, a target of PKR. Expand
Hepatitis C virus RNA polymerase and NS5A complex with a SNARE-like protein.
Cell fractionation analysis revealed that hVAP-33 is predominantly associated with the ER, the Golgi complex, and the prelysosomal membrane, consistent with its potential role in intracellular membrane trafficking. Expand
Acidified Clay Litter Amendment
Abstract Two broiler floor pen experiments lasting 50 and 48 days, respectively, were conducted to compare the performance of a new, granular, acidified clay poultry litter amendment (Poultry Guard™)Expand
Genomic admixture increases fitness during a biological invasion
It is demonstrated genome‐wide admixture during an invasion that substantially boosted fitness in the cosmopolitan weed, Silene vulgaris, and supports the hypothesis that admixture can lead to fitness increases that may catapult invasion into a new range. Expand
The genetic basis of sex ratio in Silene alba (= S. latifolia).
Although sex ratio bias in this species may be due to deleterious alleles on the Y chromosome, it is more likely to involve an interaction between loci that cause the female bias and a Y-linked locus that enhances the proportion of males in the progeny. Expand
Characterization of microbial communities using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD).
Results obtained for two different experimental systems correlated well with the temporal and spatial variations in environmental regime at the sites confirming that arbitrarily primed PCR-based DNA fingerprinting techniques such as RAPD are useful means of discriminating among microbial communities and estimating community relatedness. Expand
Among‐population variation and correlations in sexually dimorphic traits of Silene latifolia
The pattern of correlations and the degree of sexual dimorphism among traits lead us to suggest that intrasexual selection for an exaggerated floral display in males has indirectly led to sexualDimorphism in a host of other traits. Expand
Hepatitis C virus and interferon resistance.
Several HCV proteins have been shown to possess properties that enable the virus to evade the interferon-mediated cellular antiviral responses. Expand
The Acquisition of Hypovirulence in Host‐Pathogen Systems with Three Trophic Levels
This article develops and analyze a mathematical model of the dynamics of host‐pathogen interactions with three trophic levels and finds that increasing the frequency of multiple infections of the same host individual promotes the acquisition of hypovirulence by increasing the opportunity for horizontal transmission of the hyperparasite. Expand
Recent admixture generates heterozygosity–fitness correlations during the range expansion of an invading species
It is shown that admixture during the invasion of North America was independent from and much younger than admixture in the native range of Europe, and a key short‐term role for admixture is supported by generating HFCs that carry populations past the threat of extinction from inbreeding and demographic stochasticity. Expand