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A long-term rise and recent decline in intelligence test performance: The Flynn Effect in reverse
Abstract In the 1980s reviewed evidence indicated that, through the preceding decades of the last century, population performance on intelligence tests had been rising substantially, typically aboutExpand
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Forty-Year Secular Trends in Cognitive Abilties
Changes are shown in the distribution of scores on a set of tests used by the Danish draft board since the late 1950s until the present day. Whereas there were marked gains in earlier decades,Expand
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A First Course in the Mathematical Foundations of Thermodynamics
I Classical Thermodynamicsl.- 1. Homogeneous Fluid Bodies.- 2. The First Law Energy.- 3. The Second Law Entropy.- 4. A General Efficiency Estimate.- II Systems with Perfect Accessibility.- 1.Expand
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Stability of equilibrium for a nonlinear hyperbolic system describing heat propagation by second sound in solids
We consider here the propagation of heat in a unidimensional case in which the only nonzero component of the heat flux is its x-component, q, and not only q, but also the absolute temperature, θ, andExpand
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Decaffeinated Coffee and Glucose Metabolism in Young Men
OBJECTIVE The epidemiological association between coffee drinking and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes is strong. However, caffeinated coffee acutely impairs glucose metabolism. We assessed acuteExpand
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Visual Selection Contributes to Artists' Advantages in Realistic Drawing
To test a venerable explanation for artists’ drawing ability, superior skill at visual selection, artists andnonartists traced a photograph of a face using 70 pieces of tape—not enough to depictExpand
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Compositional data analysis as a robust tool to delineate hydrochemical facies within and between gas‐bearing aquifers
Isometric log ratios of proportions of major ions, derived from intuitive sequential binary partitions, are used to characterize hydrochemical variability within and between coal seam gas (CSG) andExpand
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Critical Habitat and the Challenge of Regulating Small Harms
This Article investigates how the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the courts are implementing the Endangered Species Act’s prohibition on "adverseExpand
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