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Eating Disorders in Athletes.
Whether it is to better their sports performance or to look sleeker in their uniforms, many athletes face particular pressures to lose weight. Despite the public's growing awareness of eatingExpand
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Toeholds as an M&A strategy?
“Toeholds” are a merger-and-acquisition (M&A) strategy, where a company buys a limited number of shares in a target firm prior to initiating M&A discussions with the target firm. Toeholds can lowerExpand
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Exercise Excess.
A history of multiple overuse injuries is just one of the signs that a patient may have an exercise addiction. After physicians treat the injuries that often accompany this addiction, they face theExpand
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A cure for outdated capital budgeting techniques
Is your firm still using outdated capital budgeting techniques? They tend to be overly conservative in evaluating alternatives—and may reject a project that should have been accepted. Instead, theExpand
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Snuffing Out Smokeless Tobacco Use.
Major League Baseball's ban on players and staff using any type of tobacco during minor league games may provide physicians with a timely excuse to discuss smokeless tobacco with young patients.Expand
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Do markets react to required and voluntary disclosures associated with auditor realignments
Abstract This manuscript investigates whether required and voluntary Form 8-K (Item 4.01) auditor realignment disclosures in 2004 and 2005 convey information content to investors in a post SOX era.Expand
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Sports and tobacco : the smoke has yet to clear
Banning cigarette ads from the airwaves in 1971 was a triumph for antitobacco forces. But it may have caused tobacco companies to redirect their massive advertising clout to sports sponsorship andExpand
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Single-Organ Patients.
Physicians walk a fine line when deciding whether to recommend that youngsters who have only one of a paired set of organs participate in sports. Increasingly, courts are ruling in favor of lettingExpand
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Athletic Shoes: Finding the Right Fit.
Are sport-specific shoes better than cross trainers? Is price a good indicator of quality? Addressing patients' questions about athletic shoes involves cutting through the marketing hype and taking aExpand
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How to steer patients toward the right sport shoe.
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  • The Physician and sportsmedicine
  • 1 September 1997
The athletic shoe industry continues to offer new features and technologies, but the basic criteria for choosing athletic shoes remain the same as ever - comfort and safety. New developments such asExpand
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