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Metabolic flux ratio analysis of genetic and environmental modulations of Escherichia coli central carbon metabolism.
The response of Escherichia coli central carbon metabolism to genetic and environmental manipulation has been studied by use of a recently developed methodology for metabolic flux ratio (METAFoR)Expand
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Bacterial response to acetate challenge: a comparison of tolerance among species
Abstract Although acetate formation and tolerance are important criteria for various aspects of biotechnological process development, available studies on acetate tolerance in different species areExpand
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Acetate‐Specific Stress Response in Acetate‐Resistant Bacteria: An Analysis of Protein Patterns
Many metabolic byproducts have toxic effects on bacteria, and acetic acid is an excellent model for such molecules. The negative effects of acetate, which include decreased growth rates and specificExpand
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On‐line monitoring of intracellular ATP concentration in Escherichia coli fermentations
A method was developed to provide a real‐time measurement of intracellular adenosine 5′‐triphosophate (ATP) concentrations in growing Escherichia coli. The bacteria to be monitored must first beExpand
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In situ fermentation monitoring with recombinant firefly luciferase
A novel method is described for the on‐line determination of viable cell number. It has been tested in fermentations of Escherichia coli. The cells are transfected with the gene for fireflyExpand
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Produktion von Polypeptiden
Production de glycoprotéines
Production of anti-beta-amyloid antibodies
A method for producing an antibody against an Aβ fragment of the amyloid precursor protein in a large-scale cell culture culture comprising the steps of: providing a cell culture comprising;Expand