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Family, Community, and School Influences on Resilience among American Indian Adolescents in the Upper Midwest.
This study examines resilience among a sample of American Indian adolescents living on or near reservations in the upper Midwest. Data are from a baseline survey of 212 youth (115 boys and 97 girls)Expand
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The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Later Sexual Victimization among Runaway Youth.
Path analysis was used to investigate the impact of childhood sexual abuse on later sexual victimization among 372 homeless and runaway youth in Seattle. Young people were interviewed directly on theExpand
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A Risk-Amplification Model of Victimization and Depressive Symptoms Among Runaway and Homeless Adolescents
This report is an examination of a theoretical model of risk amplification within a sample of 255 homeless and runaway adolescents. The young people were interviewed on the streets and in shelters inExpand
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Early Adolescent Sexual Activity: A Developmental Study
This developmental study uses event history analysis to investigate the effects of established predictors of early coitus on a sample of 457 rural European American adolescents who experienced sexualExpand
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Natural Disaster and Depression: A Prospective Investigation of Reactions to the 1993 Midwest Floods
A statewide sample of 1735 Iowa residents, approximately half of whom were victims of the 1993 Midwest Floods, participated in interviews 1 year prior to, and 30 to 90 days after, the disaster.Expand
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Deviant Behavior and Victimization Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents
This study used a high-risk population of runaway and homeless adolescents to investigate the effects of a history of caretaker abuse and deviant subsistence strategies on victimization amongExpand
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Psychological Distress and Help Seeking in Rural America
The implications of exposure to acute and chronic stressors, and seeking mental health care, for increased psychological distress are examined. Research on economic stress, psychological distress,Expand
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Abusive family backgrounds and later victimization among runaway and homeless adolescents
This article reports findings from the initial phase of an ongoing study of runaway and homeless adolescents in four Midwestern states. One hundred eight homeless and runaway adolescents wereExpand
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Perceived parental acceptance as a moderator of religious transmission among adolescent boys and girls
Using a sample of 407 families living in rural areas of North Central Iowa, this study examines religious transmission between same-sex and cross-sex parent-child groups. The analyses focus on theExpand
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Depressive symptoms and co-occurring depressive symptoms, substance abuse, and conduct problems among runaway and homeless adolescents.
This study examines factors that contribute to depressive symptoms and to co-occurring depression, substance abuse, and conduct problems among 602 runaway and homeless adolescents. The respondentsExpand
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