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Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate-based spray-dried dispersions: an overview.
Spray-dried dispersions (SDDs) of low-solubility drugs have been prepared using the polymer hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS). For a variety of drug structures, these SDDsExpand
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Development of a Biorelevant, Material-Sparing Membrane Flux Test for Rapid Screening of Bioavailability-Enhancing Drug Product Formulations.
Bioavailability-enhancing formulations are often used to overcome challenges of poor gastrointestinal solubility for drug substances developed for oral administration. Conventional in vitroExpand
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Hydrogen-permeable metal membranes for high-temperature gas separations
Abstract In this paper we describe a composite-metal membrane that shows promise for practical large-scale applications including the manufacture of ethylene, recovery of hydrogen from refineryExpand
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Solid nanocrystalline dispersions of ziprasidone with enhanced bioavailability in the fasted state.
Reducing the absorption difference between fed and fasted states is an important goal in the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms. The goal of this work was to develop and characterize a solidExpand
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Recovery of citric acid from fermentation beer using supported-liquid membranes
Abstract The use of a supported-liquid membrane to separate citric acid from the beer produced by fermentation was studied. The liquid membrane consisted of an organic solution composed ofExpand
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Inhaled PYY(3–36) dry-powder formulation for appetite suppression
Abstract Objective: Peptide YY3–36 [PYY(3–36)] has shown efficacy in appetite suppression when dosed by injection modalities (intraperitoneal (IP)/subcutaneous). Transitioning to needle-freeExpand
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Conformational analysis. 24. Structure and composition of gaseous oxalyl fluoride, C(2)F(2)O(2): electron-diffraction investigation augmented by data from microwave spectroscopy and molecular orbital
The molecular structure and composition of gaseous oxalyl fluoride (OXF) has been investigated by electron diffraction (GED) at nozzle-tip temperatures of -10, 149, and 219 degrees C. The GED dataExpand
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Liquid membranes for separating uranium from vanadium and uranium from molybdenum
Abstract This is the third paper in which we describe the transport of uranium ions through liquid membranes. The subject of this paper is the use of liquid membranes to separate uranium from otherExpand
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