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Thermophilic bacteria strictly obey Szybalski's transcription direction rule and politely purine-load RNAs with both adenine and guanine.
When transcription is to the right of the promoter, the "top," mRNA-synonymous strand of DNA tends to be purine-rich. When transcription is to the left of the promoter, the top, mRNA-template strandExpand
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A stem-loop "kissing" model for the initiation of recombination and the origin of introns.
  • D. R. Forsdyke
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  • 1 September 1995
Mutations which improve the efficiency of recombination should affect either the proteins which mediate recombination or their substrate, DNA itself. The former mutations would be localized to a fewExpand
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A human gene encoding a putative basic helix-loop-helix phosphoprotein whose mRNA increases rapidly in cycloheximide-treated blood mononuclear cells.
G0S8 is a member of a set of putative G0/G1 switch regulatory genes (G0S genes) selected by screening cDNA libraries prepared from blood mononuclear cells cultured for 2 hr with lectin andExpand
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Comparison of mRNA expression of two regulators of G-protein signaling, RGS1/BL34/1R20 and RGS2/G0S8, in cultured human blood mononuclear cells.
RGS1 and RGS2 are members of a new class of regulators of G-protein signaling identified by their selective mRNA expression either in phorbol ester (TPA)-stimulated human B lymphocytesExpand
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Three human homologs of a murine gene encoding an inhibitor of stem cell proliferation.
The G0S19 genes are members of the "small inducible" family of genes, which have similar exon-intron organizations and encode secreted proteins with similar dispositions of cysteine and prolineExpand
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A human putative lymphocyte G0/G1 switch gene containing a CpG-rich island encodes a small basic protein with the potential to be phosphorylated.
Genes actively involved in the G0/G1 switch (G0S genes) may be differentially expressed during the lectin-induced switch of lymphocytes from the G0 to the G1 phases of the cell cycle. This paperExpand
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Purine loading, stem-loops and Chargaff’s second parity rule: a discussion of the application of elementary principles to early chemical observations
DNA base compositions were determined chemically long before sequencing technologies permitted the direct counting of bases. Some recent observations made using modern sequencing technologies couldExpand
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Treasure Your Exceptions: The Science and Life of William Bateson
Genesis of a Geneticist.- A Cambridge Childhood (1861#x2013 1882).- From Virginia to the Aral Sea (1883#x2013 1889).- Galton.- Variation (1890#x2013 1894).- Romanes.- Reorientation and ControversyExpand
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A set of human putative lymphocyte G0/G1 switch genes includes genes homologous to rodent cytokine and zinc finger protein-encoding genes.
Lymphocyte G0/G1 switch genes (G0S genes) are potential oncogenes and may regulate, be regulated by, or be coordinately regulated with, latent lymphotropic viruses. To identify these genes, a cDNAExpand
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Chargaff's legacy.
Of Chargaff's four rules on DNA base composition, only his first parity rule was incorporated into mainstream biology as the DNA double helix. Now, the cluster rule, the second parity rule, and theExpand
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