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Cell killing, kinetics, and recovery responses induced by 1,2:5,6-dianhydrogalactitol in dividing and nondividiing cells in vitro.
Both dividing and nondividing cells were more sensitive (cell kill) to galactitol when it was administered in two dose fractions 4-8 hours apart than when the same total integral dose was given as a single exposure. Expand
Cell killing and kinetic effects of diglycolaldehyde on dividing and nondividing mammalian cells in vitro.
Dose-dependent effects on cell progression kinetics were observed in all phases of the cell cycle except in mitosis, during which treated cells progressed at control rates into G1-phase, which put self-limiting restrictions on the cell killing effects of the drug. Expand
Modification of the response to actinomycin D-induced sublethal damage by simultaneous recovery from potentially lethal damage in mammalian cells.
An increase in survival observed with fractionated doses of AMD may be due to true recovery from sublethal damage, although the movement of cells into less sensitive stages of the cell cycle between treatments cannot be ruled out. Expand