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Bremazocine: a potent, long-acting opiate kappa-agonist.
It is suggested that morphine and bremazocine interact with different subpopulations of opiate receptors, and the actions of the antagonists naloxone and Mr 2266 suggest a preference for opiate kappa-receptors. Expand
Unexpected opioid activity in a known class of drug.
Tifluadom is characterised as an opiate kappa-receptor agonist in vitro and in vivo with potent analgesic activity in animals and no dependence potential. Expand
Pharmacological evaluation of mild analgesics.
  • D. Römer
  • Medicine
  • British journal of clinical pharmacology
  • 1980
The inflamed paw technique and the adjuvant arthritis model, both in the rat and involving pathological (chronic) pain, are the most successful methods of predicting analgesic activity in man. Expand
Evidence for analgesic activity of enkephalin in the mouse
It is indicated that the two natural compounds induce analgesia in mice, whereas the two analogues are devoid of such activity. Expand
An opioid benzodiazepine
Although the benzodiazepines have been extensively investigated since their discovery about 20 years ago1, only recently have antagonists of the classical actions of benzodiazepines been described2.Expand
Inhibitory effect of a new opioid agonist on reproductive endocrine activity in rats of both sexes.
The data presented here show that bremazocine is a new non-morphine-like opioid agonist which selectively inhibits LH release in rats. Expand
CY 208-243: a unique combination of atypical opioid antinociception and D1 dopaminomimetic properties.
Lack of generalization in fentanyl-trained rats strongly suggests that CY 208-243 lacks opioid-like subjective cues, and represents a unique pharmacodynamic combination which is not shared with any other analgesic, and may provide safe and innovative pain therapy. Expand
FS 205-397: a new antipyretic analgesic with a paracetamol-like profile of activity but lack of acute hepatotoxicity in mice.
FS 205-397 will offer potent analgesic and antipyretic therapy in man based on an innovative biochemical principle which eliminates the undesirable toxic effects associated with most other non-narcotic analgesics. Expand