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The Correlates of Change in International Financial Regulation
With which political and economic variables is change in international financial regulation robustly associated? I undertook multivariate regression analysis of this question using a quantitative
Does Capital Account Liberalization Lead To Growth
We test whether capital account liberalization led to higher economic growth using de jure measures of capital account and financial current account openness for 94 nations, from 1950 (or
The Origins of Financial Openness: A Study of Current and Capital Account Liberalization
Theory: We assess the determinants of the national regulation of international finance, or the comparative degree of national financial openness or closure. Hypotheses: Partisanship interacts with a
Falls from Grace and the Hazards of High Status
Although the benefits of high status are well documented, in this research we explore the potential hazards associated with high status that have increasingly been implicated in recent studies.
An Agent Morality View of Business Policy
We develop a philosophical perspective on the moral obligations of managers, which we call agent morality, by examining the moral implications of agency theory. Our view is grounded in
Capital account liberalization and financial globalization, 1890–1999: a synoptic view
  • D. Quinn
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 1 July 2003
An indicator of financial openness spanning the period 1890-1999 is used to evaluate policies towards the capital account of the balance of payments. Findings include that: financial globalization
Assessing Measures of Financial Openness and Integration
Researchers have available to them numerous indicators of financial openness and integration, many of which have yielded substantially differing results in past research, for example, on the
Participatory Politics, Social Cooperation, and Economic Stability
Few would doubt the proposition that political institutions matter for economic development. Yet we lack robust generalizations and systematic evidence on how exactly they do so. In this short paper,
Winners and Losers in International Trade: The Effects on US Presidential Voting
Abstract International trade directly influences US presidential elections. We explore the electoral implications of the increasing tradability of services and the large US surplus in services trade.
A Century of Global Equity Market Correlations
In this paper, we use a unique long-run dataset of regulatory constraints on capital account openness to explain stock market correlations. Since stock returns themselves are highly volatile, any