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Stereotype Threat and Women's Math Performance
Abstract When women perform math, unlike men, they risk being judged by the negative stereotype that women have weaker math ability. We call this predicament stereotype threat and hypothesize thatExpand
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That swimsuit becomes you: sex differences in self-objectification, restrained eating, and math performance.
Objectification theory (B. L. Fredrickson & T. Roberts, 1997) posits that American culture socializes women to adopt observers' perspectives on their physical selves. This self-objectification isExpand
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Living with a concealable stigmatized identity: the impact of anticipated stigma, centrality, salience, and cultural stigma on psychological distress and health.
  • D. Quinn, S. Chaudoir
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 October 2009
The current research provides a framework for understanding how concealable stigmatized identities impact people's psychological well-being and health. The authors hypothesize that increasedExpand
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Consuming Images: How Television Commercials that Elicit Stereotype Threat Can Restrain Women Academically and Professionally
Women in quantitative fields risk being personally reduced to negative stereotypes that allege a sex-based math inability. This situational predicament, termed stereotype threat, can undermineExpand
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African Americans and High Blood Pressure: The Role of Stereotype Threat
We examined the effect of stereotype threat on blood pressure reactivity. Compared with European Americans, and African Americans under little or no stereotype threat, African Americans underExpand
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The Interference of Stereotype Threat With Women's Generation of Mathematical Problem-Solving Strategies
At the highest levels of math achievement, gender differences in favor of men persist on standardized math tests. We hypothesize that stereotype threat depresses women's math performance throughExpand
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When grades determine self-worth: consequences of contingent self-worth for male and female engineering and psychology majors.
The impact of grades on daily self-esteem, affect, and identification with major was examined in a sample of 122 male and female students majoring in engineering and psychology. Self-esteem, affect,Expand
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When ideology hurts: effects of belief in the protestant ethic and feeling overweight on the psychological well-being of women.
Two studies addressed the relationship between Protestant ethic (PE) ideology and psychological well-being for self-perceived overweight and normal weight women. In Study 1, PE beliefs interactedExpand
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Examining Effects of Anticipated Stigma, Centrality, Salience, Internalization, and Outness on Psychological Distress for People with Concealable Stigmatized Identities
Understanding how stigmatized identities contribute to increased rates of depression and anxiety is critical to stigma reduction and mental health treatment. There has been little research testingExpand
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