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The thickness, volume and grainsize of tephra fall deposits
An improved empirical method for the plotting of field data and the calculation of tephra fall volumes is presented. The widely used “area” plots of ln(thickness) against ln(isopach area) are curved,Expand
The size and frequency of the largest explosive eruptions on Earth
A compilation and analysis of the size and frequency of the largest known explosive eruptions on Earth are presented. The ‘largest’ explosive events are defined to be those eruptions yielding greaterExpand
Wide dispersal and deposition of distal tephra during the Pleistocene ‘Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5’ eruption, Italy
Abstract A trachytic volcanic ash layer is widely distributed across south-western Russia, where it is found both in well-characterised archaeological contexts close to the Don River (the PaleolithicExpand
Fallout and distribution of volcanic ash over Argentina following the May 2008 explosive eruption of Chaitén, Chile
[1] The major explosive eruption of Chaiten volcano, Chile, in May 2008 provided a rare opportunity to track the long-range dispersal and deposition of fine volcanic ash. The eruption followedExpand
SO2 emissions from Soufrière Hills Volcano and their relationship to conduit permeability, hydrothermal interaction and degassing regime
The time series of sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions during the continuing eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, yields insights into conduit permeability and driving pressures, the role ofExpand
Melt inclusions track pre-eruption storage and dehydration of magmas at Etna
At Mount Etna, Italy, vigorous gas-rich eruptions in A.D. 2001, 2002, and 2003 were followed by gas-poor eruptions in 2004, 2006, and 2007. Analyses of volatile (CO2, H2O, S, Cl, F), semivolatileExpand
Tephra stratigraphy and eruptive volume of the May, 2008, Chaitén eruption, Chile
On May 1st 2008 Mount Chaitén (southern Chile) interrupted a long period of quiescence, generating a sequence of explosive eruptions and causing the evacuation of Chaitén town located a fewExpand
Chapter 13 – Sizes of Volcanic Eruptions
Sizes of volcanic eruptions are quantified in terms of the mass of material erupted (magnitude) and mass eruption rate (intensity), for a spectrum of eruptions, both ancient and modern, and effusiveExpand
Petrology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks of the Cerro Galan caldera, northwest Argentina
At least 2000 km 3 of relatively uniform dacitic magma have been erupted from the Cerro Galan caldera complex, northwest Argentina. Between 7 and 4 Ma ago several composite volcanoes predominantly ofExpand
Mediterranean tephra stratigraphy revisited: Results from a long terrestrial sequence on Lesvos Island, Greece
Abstract A composite 40.2 m sediment sequence from Megali Limni, Lesvos Island, Greece, spanning the interval from 22 to 62 ka BP, contains six Pleistocene tephra layers, which can be identified onExpand