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United Nations Peacekeeping in Timor-Leste
This article seeks to elucidate many of the avoidable difficulties that the United Nations (UN) face when intervening in a given conflict. The article begins with a review of the UN's capability toExpand
A recipe for success? Ingredients of a successful peacekeeping mission
This article seeks to determine why the UN has been more successful in managing some internal conflicts than others. First, success is defined broadly – limiting violence, reducing human suffering,Expand
Towards a Strategic Partnership? The US and Russian Response to the European Security and Defence Policy
The article surveys the responses to the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) of two important external actors: the United States and Russia. It explains the motivations behind these responsesExpand
EU Crisis Management Role in Water Conflicts in Central Asia: Open Opportunities or Lost Causes?
1.Water is essential for human survival, both on individual and a societal level. Water’s position as arguably the most important resource naturally leads to the question: Can wars be fought overExpand
Towards Successful Peace-keeping
Using a case study of the UN’s experiences in Croatia, this essay addresses the question of why some UN peace-keeping missions succeed, while others fail. The essay develops wider criteria of successExpand