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The Evolution of perissodactyls
This treatise contains 24 papers covering virtually every recent development regarding fossil horses, rhinos, tapirs, and their extinct relatives, and strong evidence that hyraxes are not related to elephants. Expand
Amazonian magnetostratigraphy: Dating the first pulse of the Great American Faunal Interchange
Abstract The chronostratigraphy of the youngest Neogene deposits of the Amazon Basin, which comprise the Madre de Dios Formation in eastern Peru, remains unresolved. Although 40 Ar/ 39 Ar dates onExpand
Upper Cenozoic chronostratigraphy of the southwestern Amazon Basin
The lack of numerical age dates for upper Cenozoic strata of the Amazon Basin has prevented resolution of its geologic history and accurate dating of important paleofaunas. Here we present results ofExpand
The Eocene-Oligocene Transition: Paradise Lost
Describes the Eocene-Oligocene extinctions, an important turning-point in Earth history approximately 40 million years ago, when the first signs of Antarctic glaciation appeared. The text relatesExpand
From greenhouse to icehouse : the marine Eocene-Oligocene transition
Part I: The Pacific Rim Pacific Coast Eocene-Oligocene Marine Chronostratigraphy: A Review and an Update, by Donald R. ProtheroTurnovers in Marine Gastropod Faunas During the Eocene-OligoceneExpand