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Antiacquaporin 4 antibodies detection by different techniques in neuromyelitis optica patients
Background: Antibodies against aquaporin-4 (AQP4), a water channel particularly expressed on perivascular astrocytic podocytes, are proposed as a marker for the diagnosis of neuromyelitis opticaExpand
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Gastronomic and food tourism as an economic local resource: case studies from Romania and Italy.
The aim of this study was to contribute to the literature on food tourism by proposing the concept of place and events linked to food, and to analyze the opportunity of gastronomic tourism for localExpand
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Typical products and consumer preferences: the “soppressata” case
Purpose – The paper sets out to analyse consumer preferences relating to a typical product, soppressata (a traditional Calabrian salted meat with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)Expand
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Authentic and Fake Italian Food Products in the World
Counterfeiting is a growing and increasingly dangerous phenomenon. There has recently been an enormous growth in the illegal market for designer goods with a 'name' or trademark (counterfeit goods),Expand
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Wine Routes in Vojvodina Province, Northern Serbia: A Tool for Sustainable Tourism Development
Sustainable tourism development of the northern part of Serbia in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina aims to achieve ecological, sociocultural, and economic benefits. This means that all entitiesExpand
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Globalization vs. Local. The Role of Street Food in the Urban Food System
Abstract The street food sector offers ready-to-eat food and beverages that are prepared and/or sold by itinerant or stationary vendors, especially on streets and in other public places. Due to itsExpand
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An investigation on the effect of Li+/Ni2+ cation mixing on electrochemical performances and analysis of the electron conductivity properties of LiCo0.33Mn0.33Ni0.33O2
Abstract Two alternative synthesis procedures, i.e. co-precipitation and sol gel, have been used to prepare LiCo 0.33 Mn 0.33 Ni 0.33 O 2 samples. Inductive coupled plasma optical emissionExpand
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Google AdSense as a Mobile Technology in Education
Google AdSense, a cost per click (CPC) advertising programme for those wishing to place ads on their website. Arguable viewed as promising in business, this literature review identifies key featuresExpand
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Using the Network and MCA on Tourist Attractions. The Case of Aeolian Islands, Italy
This study highlights the preferences and motivations of tourists for the choice of destinations to visit. Natural, cultural, gastronomic attractions, places of consumption, and identity/immaterialExpand
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Crowdfunding as social innovation practice: Experiences in Italy
The field of social innovation is broad and, among the several examples, crowdfunding is a promising new financing model that could enhance a society’s ability to find solutions to ensure a sociallyExpand
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