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Studying Learning in the Worldwide Classroom Research into edX's First MOOC.
Abstract “Circuits and Electronics” (6.002x), which began in March 2012, was the first MOOC developed by edX, the consortium led by MIT and Harvard. Over 155,000 students initially registered forExpand
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Cooling Neutral Atoms in a Magnetic Trap for Precision Spectroscopy
A configuration of magnetic fields is exhibited which can harmonically trap paramagnetic particles in a shallow field minimum, superposed on a nearly uniform field which simplifies spectroscopicExpand
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Optics and interferometry with atoms and molecules
The development of wave optics for light brought many new insights into our understanding of physics, driven by fundamental experiments like the ones by Young, Fizeau, Michelson-Morley and others.Expand
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Atom interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates in a double-well potential.
A trapped-atom interferometer was demonstrated using gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates coherently split by deforming an optical single-well potential into a double-well potential. The relative phaseExpand
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Properties of a Bose-Einstein condensate were studied by stimulated, two-photon Bragg scattering. The high momentum and energy resolution of this method allowed a spectroscopic measurement of theExpand
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Who does what in a massive open online course?
Student-participation data from the inaugural MITx (now edX) course---6.002x: Circuits and Electronics---unpacks MOOC student behavior. Expand
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Optics and Interferometry with Atoms and Molecules
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses recent accomplishments in the atom and molecular optics and interferometry at MIT. The chapter begins with a discussion of the details of an experimentalExpand
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Contrast interferometry using Bose-Einstein condensates to measure h/m and alpha.
The kinetic energy of an atom recoiling due to absorption of a photon was measured as a frequency, using an interferometric technique called "contrast interferometry." Optical standing wave pulsesExpand
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Long phase coherence time and number squeezing of two Bose-Einstein condensates on an atom chip.
We measure the relative phase of two Bose-Einstein condensates confined in a radio frequency induced double-well potential on an atom chip. We observe phase coherence between the separatedExpand
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Rotation Sensing with an Atom Interferometer
Since the pioneering demonstrations of interferometry with atom de Broglie waves using nanofabricated structures [1‐4] and resonant light as atomic beam splitters [5,6], a number of new applicationsExpand
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