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DNA of ciliated protozoa
DNA was isolated from macronuclei and micronuclei of the ciliated protozoan, Stylonychia mytilus under conditions that minimize the possibility of DNA degradation. Macronuclear DNA has an S value ofExpand
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Inhibition of telomerase by G-quartet DMA structures
THE ends or telomeres of the linear chromosomes of eukaryotes are composed of tandem repeats of short DNA sequences, one strand being rich in guanine (G strand) and the complementary strand inExpand
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All gene-sized DNA molecules in four species of hypotrichs have the same terminal sequence and an unusual 3' terminus.
In hypotrichous ciliates, all of the macronuclear DNA is in the form of low molecular weight molecules with an average size of approximately 2200 base pairs. Total macronuclear DNA from fourExpand
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The DNA of ciliated protozoa.
Ciliates contain two types of nuclei: a micronucleus and a macronucleus. The micronucleus serves as the germ line nucleus but does not express its genes. The macronucleus provides the nuclear RNA forExpand
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Genome gymnastics: unique modes of dna evolution and processing in ciliates
  • D. Prescott
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Reviews Genetics
  • 1 December 2000
In some ciliates, the DNA sequences of the germline genomes have been profoundly modified during evolution, providing unprecedented examples of germline DNA malleability. Although the significance ofExpand
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Template-guided recombination for IES elimination and unscrambling of genes in stichotrichous ciliates.
The micronuclear versions of genes in stichotrichous ciliates are interrupted by multiple, short, non-coding DNA segments called internal eliminated segments, or IESs. IESs divide a gene intoExpand
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Culturing of Amoeba proteus on Tetrahymena.
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DNA of ciliated protozoa: DNA sequence diminution during macronuclear development of oxytricha
We have measured the reassociation kinetics of DNA from the micronucleus and from the macronucleus of the hypotrichous ciliate Oxytricha. The micronuclear DNA reassociates with at least aExpand
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Internal Eliminated Segments (IESs) of Oxytrichidae 1
ABSTRACT Internal eliminated segments (IESs) are sequences that interrupt coding and noncoding regions of germline (micronuclear) genes of ciliated protozoa. IESs are flanked by short, unique repeatExpand
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Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 6
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