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Black hole entropy from the SU(2)-invariant formulation of type I isolated horizons
A detailed analysis of the spherically symmetric isolated horizon system is performed in terms of the connection formulation of general relativity. The system is shown to admit a manifestly SU(2)
Spacetime thermodynamics in the presence of torsion
It was shown by Jacobson in 1995 that the Einstein equation can be derived as a local constitutive equation for an equilibrium spacetime thermodynamics. With the aim to understand if such
Static Isolated Horizons: SU(2) Invariant Phase Space, Quantization, and Black Hole Entropy
It is argued how this difficulty could be avoided by a simple enlargement of the field content at the horizon that restores diffeomorphism invariance, and a quantization of the horizon degrees of freedom is proposed.
Loop gravity string
In this work we study canonical gravity in finite regions for which we introduce a generalisation of the Gibbons-Hawking boundary term including the Immirzi parameter. We study the canonical
Electromagnetic duality and central charge
We provide a full realization of the electromagnetic duality at the boundary by extending the phase space of Maxwell's theory through the introduction of edge modes and their conjugate momenta. We
The Weyl BMS group and Einstein’s equations
Abstract We propose an extension of the BMS group, which we refer to as Weyl BMS or BMSW for short, that includes super-translations, local Weyl rescalings and arbitrary diffeomorphisms of the 2d
Extended corner symmetry, charge bracket and Einstein’s equations
Abstract We develop the covariant phase space formalism allowing for non-vanishing flux, anomalies, and field dependence in the vector field generators. We construct a charge bracket that
Generalized quantum gravity condensates for homogeneous geometries and cosmology
We construct a generalized class of quantum gravity condensate states, that allows the description of continuum homogeneous quantum geometries within the full theory. They are based on similar ideas
Canonical quantization of non-commutative holonomies in 2 + 1 loop quantum gravity
In this work we investigate the canonical quantization of 2 + 1 gravity with cosmological constant Λ > 0 in the canonical framework of loop quantum gravity. The unconstrained phase space of gravity
On the regularization of the constraint algebra of quantum gravity in 2 + 1 dimensions with a nonvanishing cosmological constant
We use the mathematical framework of loop quantum gravity (LQG) to study the quantization of three-dimensional (Riemannian) gravity with a positive cosmological constant (Λ > 0). We show that the