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[Quality control by autopsy. How often do the postmortem examination findings correct the clinical diagnosis?].
To ascertain whether autopsies still provide important information in the face of modern diagnostic procedures, the findings in 780 autopsies (543 men and 237 women: mean age 58 [1-94] years),Expand
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Herpes simplex virus binds to human serum lipoprotein.
Binding of herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1 to the various subclasses of human serum lipoproteins was investigated. Studies were performed with human serum lipoproteins purified by differentialExpand
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Prognostic value of DNA analysis in colorectal carcinoma
Background. Reported experiences regarding the prognostic significance of DNA content in colorectal carcinoma have been a matter of controversy.
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[The synchronous appearance of multiple testicular epidermoid cysts and of a malignant mixed germinal tumor in the contralateral testis].
We describe the simultaneous appearance of multiple epidermoid cysts in the right and an adult teratoma containing embryonal carcinoma and choriocarcinoma in the left testis. No similar case hasExpand
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Herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 in the adrenal glands: Replication and histopathology
SummaryThe adrenal glands were shown to be the most severely infected organs in the early phase of HSV-1 infections (up to 10 days p. i.) after i. p. infections in mice. Virus could be isolated fromExpand
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[The value of quantitative DNA analysis in evaluating the prognosis of differentiated thyroid cancer].
In this study we analyzed DNA ploidy as a potential prognostic parameter in differentiated thyroid carcinoma. In the case of papillary cancer the depth of tumor infiltration, a micro- orExpand
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[Value of image analysis DNA cytometry in cancer of Vater's ampulla].
In 27 patients who underwent partial duodenopancreatectomy due to cancer of the ampulla of Vater, in addition to the TNM classification and usual morphologic criteria, the paraffin-embedded materialExpand
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[Image analysis DNA cytometry in medullary thyroid gland cancer. Comparison with histomorphologic parameters and prognostic effect].
In 24 patients with a medullary thyroid cancer a histopathological reexamination was performed. In 16 patients the DNA content was measured. Patients with a diploid or hypotriploid tumor had a 5-yearExpand
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Influence of Histomorphological Parameters and Ploidy on Recurrence-Free Survival Time in Early Rectal Cancer after Local Excision
The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic influence of histomorphological parameters and ploidy on recurrence-free survival time in early rectal cancer, after local excision in 47 patients.
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