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Instrumental Methods in Electrochemistry
Description: Using 372 references and 211 illustrations, this book underlines the fundamentals of electrochemistry essential to the understanding of laboratory experiments. It treats not only theExpand
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A First Course in Electrode Processes
This user friendly introduction highlights the importance of electrochemistry and its applications to the modern world and the future. Expand
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Industrial electrochemistry. 2nd edition
This book provides a background in electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering and reviews modern applications of electrochemical technology.
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Prospects for alkaline zero gap water electrolysers for hydrogen production
This review makes the case for cheaper and more efficient water electrolysis technology. In particular, the potential advantages of zero gap, alkaline water electrolysers based on hydroxide ionExpand
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The removal of low level organics via hydrogen peroxide formed in a reticulated vitreous carbon cathode cell. Part 2: The removal of phenols and related compounds from aqueous effluents
Abstract It is demonstrated that hydrogen peroxide, electrogenerated at a reticulated vitreous carbon cathode by the reduction of oxygen in the presence of Fe(II) is a powerful oxidant for organicExpand
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The study of aluminium anodes for high power density Al/Air batteries with brine electrolytes
Abstract Aluminium alloys containing small additions of both tin (∼0.1 wt%) and gallium (∼0.05 wt%) are shown to dissolve anodically at high rates in sodium chloride media at room temperatures;Expand
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The Removal of Low Levels of Organics from Aqueous Solutions Using Fe(II) and Hydrogen Peroxide Formed In Situ at Gas Diffusion Electrodes
The removal of several organics (phenol, aniline, acetic acid, formaldehyde, and three azo dyes) from aqueous solutions (pH 2) containing Fe(II) and using hydrogen peroxide produced by the reductionExpand
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The preparation and characterization of tin dioxide coated titanium electrodes
The selection of an appropriate pretreatment of the substrate as well as coating procedure allows the preparation of stable SnO2 coated titanium electrodes. Such electrodes have been operated in O2Expand
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A novel flow battery: A lead acid battery based on an electrolyte with soluble lead(II). Part II. Flow cell studies
This series of papers will describe the chemistry, electrochemistry and performance of a flow battery with no separator and a single electrolyte, lead(II) in methanesulfonic acid. Voltammetry atExpand
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