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To prosecute or to pardon? Human rights decisions in the Latin American southern cone
This paper examines why human rights trials against military offenders were held in Argentina and not elsewhere. Although nearly all South American countries were afflicted by state repression andExpand
Defense Organization and Civil—Military Relations in Latin America
This study examines how defense institutions and personnel are formally organized in Latin America. In a region long plagued by praetorian armies, it is especially important that organizationalExpand
Between Confrontation and Accommodation: Military and Government Policy in Democratic Argentina *
After a prolonged period of authoritarian rule, the rebirth of democracy in Latin America has prompted a resurgent interest in civilian control of the armed forces. Few disagree that politicalExpand
Military Autonomy and Emerging Democracies in South America
The influence of the armed forces upon the emergent democracies of South America is a subject that is gathering attention within the scholarly community. The completed transition to democratic ruleExpand
Staying Quartered
This is a multination study of military disobedience in the face of presidential orders to suppress civilian uprisings. Rather than coercively manipulating the government or seizing power themselves,Expand
Latin America’s Growing Security Gap
Balancing freedom and security is a challenge for any democracy, yet in Latin America, governments are once again addressing this issue as the region becomes increasingly violent. A legacy ofExpand
Soldiers, Politicians, and Civilians: Reforming Civil-Military Relations in Democratic Latin America
Are interactions between soldiers, politicians, and civilians improving? Every nation has to come to grips with achieving a more enduring harmony between government, the armed forces, and society ifExpand
Attention Deficits: Why Politicians Ignore Defense Policy in Latin America
Interest in defense issues among Latin American politicians has faded with the advent of widespread democratization in the region and the retreat of the armed forces to their barracks. Defense policyExpand
Political Management of the Military in Latin America
LATIN AMERICAN political leaders have had considerable success at subordinating their militaries to civilian rule, but they have done so without a fundamental knowledge of or interest in defenseExpand