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Structural Health Monitoring
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Challenges Facing Future Micro-Air-Vehicle Development
Nomenclature Ar = rotor disk area CD = sectional drag coefficient CD0 = zero-lift drag coefficient Clα = lift-curve slope CP = power coefficient CPi = induced power coefficient CP0 = profile powerExpand
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A review of vibration-based techniques for helicopter transmission diagnostics
Over the past 25 years, much research has been devoted to the development of Health and Usage Monitoring (HUM) systems for rotorcraft gearbox and drivetrain components. The promise of HUM systems isExpand
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Structural health monitoring using empirical mode decomposition and the Hilbert phase
Abstract This paper discusses a new signal processing tool involving the use of empirical mode decomposition and its application to health monitoring of structures. Empirical mode decomposition is aExpand
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The feasibility of determining spacecraft time and position using x-ray pulsars is explored. Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars that generate pulsed electromagnetic radiation. A detailedExpand
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Damage Detection in Thin Composite Laminates Using Piezoelectric Phased Sensor Arrays and Guided Lamb Wave Interrogation
Damage detection in composite laminated panels using Lamb waves is demonstrated with an innovative use of a sensor array and processing algorithm. Two models were developed to characterize the LambExpand
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Status of structural health monitoring of long-span bridges in the United States
This paper gives an overview of ongoing research and development in the field of structural health monitoring technologies in the US, with application to long-span bridges. Specifically, this paperExpand
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Design, Analysis and Hover Performance of a Rotary Wing Micro Air Vehicle
An initial design concept for a micro-coaxial rotorcraft using custom manufacturing techniques and commercial off-the-shelf components is discussed in this paper. Issues associated with theExpand
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Pneumatic Morphing Aspect Ratio Wing
This paper discusses the design, development and testing of a pneumatic telescopic wing that permits a change in the aspect ratio while simultaneously supporting structural wing loads. The keyExpand
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